The dependencies to run icclim are listed under our requirements.txt file.

Installation (Linux, OS X)#


Make sure you have Python 3.9+.

To install from pip#

pip install icclim

To install from sources#

With git:

  1. git clone git://

  2. cd icclim

Or without git:

  1. Go to cerfacs-globc/icclim.

  2. you can download the last release: click to Source code (zip) or Source code (tar.gz).

  3. Extract the file.

  4. Go to extracted directory.

Then run the following commands:

[sudo] python install

or if you don’t have root or sudo access, as a normal user:

python install --user
  1. Check if the library is installed correctly:

>>> import icclim

To get the version of installed library, do the following:

>>> icclim.__version__


icclim was not tested on Windows platform…